"Last Flight" Canvas Edition (4 size options)

"Last Flight" is a digital illustration artwork that was created by Ashton Howard honoring Capt. Jeff Kuss #6 of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.  On the evening of June 7th 2016 at apprx. 5:45pm a final fly over for #6 took place over the beautiful Gulf waters on Pensacola Beach. Ashton and friends gathered at their local surf spot to witness and pay respect to Capt. Kuss on his Last Flight. "I was inspired to create a piece of artwork honoring Capt. Kuss and the Blue Angels after such an emotional moment that late afternoon. There is no greater sacrifice in this life than the one he made - a true American Hero!"

Through a series of photographs that Ashton captured that evening, combined with his inspiration and creative imagination- this digital illustration he created has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the country. After nearly 10,000 shares on Facebook - Emails, messages, and phone calls came pouring in over the next few days from so many, including Blue Angel team members, associated crew, friends and family of the Kuss's, and inspired Americans from around the U.S.  

Our company Ashton Howard Fine Art of Pensacola, FL. in partnership with our fine art manufacture in California has created a limited edition print on canvas of this artwork. Ashton has reserved a set amount of these prints to be dedicated and given to Capt. Jeff Kuss's wife, Christina Kuss, along with each of the U.S. Navy Blue Angel Pilots.

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